Questions Abound On Offense

Going into the season there are more questions on the offensive side than answers.  With a new offensive scheme and new starters at key positions, how quickly the offense picks up the new system and the new players adjust to the varsity level will be a key to the Tiger season.

Let's start with some answers.  Regardless of who is throwing the passes, the Tiger receiving corps is deep and talented.  Led by senior Jon Bauer teams will have to respect the Tiger passing game based on their abilities alone.  While Bauer has the experience and is the home run threat, Rian Stubbs and Brannon Watson give the Tigers two big, tall targets to go to.  Kendall Gooden showed last year he can make the spectacular and in the new four wide sets he should be able to use his speed to be a key weapon for the Tigers.

Getting the ball to those receivers is something of a question mark.  Senior QB Eric Gordon has played behind standout Daniel Orr for the past two years and should be the man under center, but sophomore Keith Leerskov is expected to push Gordon for the starters job.  Gordon is a big QB with a strong arm who looked good at the state 7 on 7 tournament after getting into a rhythm.

Replacing Clarence Robinson will probably be the toughest task for Coach Henigan.  Robinson did it all for the Tigers and it will be difficult to replace him.  In the first few days of practice sophomore Courtney Adams has had the look of a starter but Henigan has told the Daily Sun that senior Ray Sims could get some snaps at the RB spot as well.

Who the running game will follow is not as difficult a question to answer.  Start with returning starter Louis Vasquez at one tackle spot and you've got at least one bulldozer to follow.  Josh Tackett returns at center to give the Tigers more returning experience along the line.  Although the rest of the line doesn't have the starts, they have gotten experience as backups last year.

All in all, the offense is the biggest question mark going into the season.  Coach Henigan has said that the Tigers will be a 'four wide air it out' team but it usually takes time to get a new offense installed so early struggles won't be wholly unexpected, although the O should get better with each game.